Saying good-bye

On his way to Goldsboro, North Carolina, my good friend Aaron stopped in Kent yesterday to hang out. He just took a job as Sports Director at a YMCA twelve hours away. The distance isn’t a huge deal for him- he moved from Kansas City to attend BGSU- where we met. Aaron has a free-spiritedness and sense of adventure I never will. Classic example: he spent this past summer living out of his Kia Sportage, camping in backyards and parks. And so, moving far away isn’t a huge deal for him. I respect him for that.  

We spent the day playing disc golf, hanging at a coffee shop, visiting a bookstore and a library, and walking along the Cuyahoga River here in Kent. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend the day with an old friend. So with every possession packed into his Kia, I sent Aaron off early this morning. Our friendship will undoubtedly change, yet we are both eager to see how God will continue what He started. I am grateful for faithful friends who, in some way that cannot be explained, allow us to glimpse the heart of our God.


One thought on “Saying good-bye

  1. Smiley says:

    Good ‘ol Marshall, Marshie Moo, Amalgam, Pizza! Pizza!, Very Nice, Pirate Guru, Miley’s aficionado, Al Fresco qualified, Aaron Marsh…not the singer from Copeland…the real deal straight form Kansas City, MO…Nelly fan…and related to the Danielson Family. What an excellent friend and man of Jesus. Fare well to thee…Jesus will lead the way…all the way…to Goldsboro, North Carolina…where Goldberg lives…and then..

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