A.W. Tozer on ‘the sacrament of living’

“One of the greatest hindrances to internal peace which the Christian encounters is the common habit of dividing our lives into two areas- the sacred and the secular. As these areas are conceived to exist apart from each other and to be morally and spiritually incompatible, and as we are compelled by the necessities of living to be always crossing back and forth from one to the other, our inner lives tend to break up so that we live a divided instead of a unified life… ”

“This is the old sacred-secular antithesis. Most Christian are caught in this trap… They try to walk the tight rope between two kingdoms and they find no peace in either…. I believe this state of affairs to be wholly unnecessary… The sacred-secular antithesis has no foundation in the New Testament… The Lord Jesus Christ himself is our perfect example, and he knew no divided life… ” 

“Let a man sanctify the Lord God in his heart and he can thereafter do no common act. For such a man, living itself will be sacramental and the whole world a sanctuary…. “


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