Ecclesia National Gathering


Next week I will be traveling to the DC area for the National Gathering of the Ecclesia Network, a movement of missional churches. Among the presenters, I am most excited to learn from Dr. Darrell Guder, Professor of Missional and Ecumenical Theology at Princeton Seminary. I am presently reading his book, Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America. Among his many significant contributions to the church, his writing on the incarnation of Jesus and its impact on ecclesiology has most impacted me. Guder developed the terms “missional” and “incarnational” to describe the biblically-faithful church long before they became overused and empty buzzwords. Here are the details:

“Crafting Missional Expressions of Church” (conference pdf)

  • Darrell Guder – Professor, Princeton Seminary
  • Eddie Gibbs – Missiologist (ret), Fuller Seminary
  • Mike Breen – Director, European Church Planting Network
  • Jon Tyson – Pastor, Trinity Grace Church, Manhattan

Collective sessions include:

  •  Missionary strategies then & now
  • Structures for incarnational church
  • Barriers to mission in the Western context
  • Guiding missional movements
  • Scripture: a missional hermeneutic
  • Communication: hearing the Good News in context 

Focused sessions include:

  • Discipleship that forms mission
  • Developing local theology
  • Preaching in the missional congregation
  • Training and developing church planters
  • Missional engagement and contextualization

Following the conference I will be writing a paper highlighting the major themes discussed and will be presenting them to Dr. Chilcote, my professor at Ashland. I will also post my thoughts here, likely during my two-week spring break that starts March 14.


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