Missional habits for churches

One of the attenders of the Ecclesia Gathering I just returned from was David Fitch, pastor of a missional church in Chicago and professor at Northern Seminary. He has been very influential in the recent movement to recover the missional nature of the church. In his most recent blog post, he lists practical ways for churches to instill missional practices. I list some of them below, but I would encourage you to visit his site for the full list and explanations. 

  • Reject doing outreach events; instead direct imagination toward ways of connecting with people where they are.
  • Reject evangelism as a one-time hit on a target; kindle imagination toward seeing mission as a regular rhythm of daily life.
  • Reject one-on-one evangelism and apologetic persuasion; direct imagination for inhabiting places by twos, threes, or more.
  • Reject Sunday worship as an evangelistic event; fire up imagination for the formation that comes from a communal encounter with the living God in Jesus Christ.
  • Reject coercive persuasion and argument in our witness; instead stoke the imagination of people to seek one person of peace (Luke 10) among the lost of their neighborhoods.
  • Reject presumptuous postures of power; instead direct imagination toward the way Jesus always enters the human situation in humility. 

Again, this is an abbreviated list. Visit Fitch’s site to read more.


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