Roxburgh on church in postmodernity

I recently read a perceptive article by Alan Roxburgh titled The Church in a Postmodern Context in Craig Van Gelder’s collection of essays on the gospel in North America. Some writers just seem to answer the questions you never quite know how to ask. Or they answer the questions you never thought to ask. But in doing so they lead you to a new level of understanding. Alan Roxburgh does this for me. Here are his thoughts on the church in postmodernity:

What is happening is that the “beginnings” are disappearing in the constant work of rewriting the script for every moment, since the last moment will not do for the new. We need to distinguish between the need for a contextualized church and a theological critique of the context that is grounded in a different narrative. The postmodern context is forever rewriting the script, so that it is continually being born again in newer forms. A proper contextuality is one that brings the power of an alternative narrative into an encounter with this reality…

…This is what is not happening. The postmodern church is forever embracing the new in the name of reaching the unchurched, and therefore is in danger of losing the gospel.


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