A robust gospel

I am at the front end of preparation for a seminar/workshop I will be presenting at the upcoming Great Commission Ministries’ IGNITE Conference in Columbus, Ohio. The theme of this year’s event is Deeper, Wider, Higher: The Outward Call of the Kingdom of God. If you are interested in attending, you can find out more information here.

I will be teaming up with an old friend, one of the pastors at h2o Church at BGSU, Bryan Wiles, to lead a seminar titled (something like) “The Gospel Rediscovered.” Here is our vision: We can’t do evangelism unless we know the message we speak and embody. So what is the message? What was Jesus’ message? How does it connect with the larger narrative of the Bible? Does our message look like his? Does it connect with the grand narrative of God?

As I gather resources and formulate the concepts/stories of the seminar, I will post them here. Today I am including the best concise resource I’ve ever found. It is an article by Scot McKnight for the Christian Vision Project at Christianity Today magazine. It is titled 8 Marks of a Robust Gospel. I will include the 8 marks here and am also linking the entire article here.

  1. A robust gospel is a story.
  2. The robust gospel places transactions in the context of persons.
  3. The robust gospel deals with a robust problem.
  4. A robust gospel has a grand vision.
  5. A robust gospel includes the life of Jesus as well as his resurrection, and the gift of the Spirit alongside Good Friday.
  6. A robust gospel demands not only faith but everything.
  7. A robust gospel includes the robust Spirit of God.
  8. A robust gospel emerges from and leads others to the church.

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