How Jesus made disciples

How do you actually help a person become a genuine follower of Jesus? Who better to model than Jesus himself, right? Mike Anderson, director of The Resurgence, a network of Reformed churches and leaders, recently completed a series of reflections on Jesus’ way of developing committed disciples. Based on the Gospel of John, Anderson highlights 15 ways Jesus called his followers to a life of faith.

I think it is important to call these ways Jesus made disciples. There is often a temptation among church leaders to ‘systematize’ everything, to make everything a program. I don’t think Jesus actually set out to initiate a 15-lesson training module (nor does Anderson). Rather, what the author does- and I respect- is simply extract key lessons from Jesus’ way of shaping his followers. We must remember that God’s plan for the redemption of the world was the sending of His Son to live among the people, guiding and leading them as he went about his life of mission. May we also follow in Jesus’ way as we live among the people we aspire to make true followers of Jesus.

You can read this blog series here.


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