Missional church made simple?

This video gives a very basic explanation of the missional church. It does a good job highlighting some of the practical outcomes of what is really a deeply theological issue at the core. A missional understanding of church is not merely about technique or stylistic changes but rather is deeply rooted in theology, namely the Trinity, the mission of God and the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. To watch another video that takes this one to this deeper level, follow this link here.


2 thoughts on “Missional church made simple?

  1. Emily H. says:

    Great video, have seen it around lately… Just got done reading “Breaking the Missional Code” by Stetzer…good read if you haven’t read it.

  2. matthewjmcclure says:

    Emily- I have not read the book, but Ed Stetzer was a speaker at a church planting conference I attended last year. I really enjoyed his sessions. I respected him for his willingness to critique his own tribe (SBC) as much if not more than any other group. I follow his blog, though it is exhausting trying to keep up with him! Thanks for visiting the site. I trust seminary has been a transforming experience for you.

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