Too cool of a Christian?

Brett McCracken recently wrote an interesting article for the Wall Street Journal titled The Perils of Hipster Christianity wherein he points out the danger of a faith that so pursues relevance that it loses distinction from the broader culture. In the great tension and balance of engaging culture while still remaining unashamedly Christ-centered, hipster Christians’ greater concern is the prior. McCracken actually wrote a whole book on the topic, titled Hipster Christianity: Where Church and Cool Collide. But he’s not the first to cover the topic. A few years ago I read Dick Staub’s excellent book titled The Culturally Savvy Christian: A Manifesto for Deepening Faith and Enriching Popular Culture in an Age of Christianity-Lite, which, as its title suggests, both critiques hipster Christianity and provides a way forward for engaging culture in a way that honors and even deepens our faith.

For fun, take the quiz on the Hipster Christianity website to find out whether or not you’re a hipster.


One thought on “Too cool of a Christian?

  1. smiley says:

    i scored a 62…what does this mean?!

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