Lausanne Congress underway in S Africa

For ten days in 1974, Billy Graham and John Stott gathered together some 2,700 Christian leaders from virtually every corner of the world to discuss issues related to global evangelization. The event- held in Lausanne, Switzerland- was historic. No time ever in the history of the world was there such a diverse gathering of Christians. The convention produced one of the most influential documents in evangelicalism, called simply the Lausanne Covenant. Among other tenets, the document is best known for embracing a vision of evangelism that holds together the work of gospel proclamation and social justice. Fifteen years later Lausanne II was held in Manila, and right now the third Congress in in progress. This time over 4,000 leaders from about 200 nations have descended upon Cape Town, South Africa (Chinese leaders were banned from attending by the Chinese government, sadly but not surprisingly).

You can watch videos and read advance papers from the Congress at the Lausanne website here. Take a look at this short video to learn more about the history of the Lausanne Movement. And join me in praying for the leaders who are seeking the Lord for the future of global evangelism.


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