Did Jesus preach the gospel?

Ever wonder if what we call the gospel is what Jesus and the New Testament authors believed was the gospel? What is the gospel? Is it the plan of salvation we share with someone who doesn’t know Christ as Lord? Is it the biblical narrative beginning at creation and ending with new creation? Is it the news that in Jesus we personally can be moved from estranged and lost to rescued and redeemed? Is it the good news of the Kingdom come to earth in Jesus? Does the gospel need to include the Old Testament, or can we take it or leave it?

Scot McKnight is a scholar I appreciate. He is scripturally sound and evangelical and (most impressively, in my opinion) not easily pinned down into a category within evangelicalism. He both wins over and offends Christians of all backgrounds and theological leanings. In this 17-minute video, he introduces us to the discussion going on right now concerning the gospel. As you watch it, you will most likely be bothered by some of what he says. And that’s a good thing. If there is anything we ought to wrestle with and be certain of, it is the meaning of the gospel- “for it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16).

Check out the video here and leave a comment.


One thought on “Did Jesus preach the gospel?

  1. Eric says:

    Great video, and great explanation. I appreciate the link, Matt. Some of that is going to go in my message for this Sunday! :-)

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