The eternal God spoke creation into existence. Out of nothing he created everything. And while all creation evidences the splendor and beauty of the Creator, only humanity reflects the very image of the unseen God.

Eikon is the Greek word that encapsulates this truth that central to being human is the ability to reflect the very image of God. To be human is to be an image reflector. We created ones are called to reflect the nature of our Creator. Yet our lives are fractured and broken. The image we are made to reflect is skewed along the cracks of our imperfect lives.

Despite our imperfections, cracks, and fractures, we can be put back together. Jesus, the great Redeemer, is at work to restore all of his creation. He calls us into a restored relationship with God. He promises his Spirit to restore us to our image-bearing nature. As this nature is renewed in us, we participate in God’s mission to restore all things. Not for our glory, but for the One who made us to reflect him to our hurting world.

This blog was created to be a place for friends and strangers to discuss what it means to be image-reflectors of the Divine.

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